August 2003
loneliness, blood bank, Ashcroft, coffin shopping

September 2003
crossword, pizza, library, wedding anniversary

October 2003
Ann Coulter, Roy Cohn, media bias, halloween

November 2003
farewell to Batty

January 2004
Communist Sympathizer Day

February 2004
unreturned calls

March 2004
TV dinners, alcohol, St. Patrick's Day

April 2004
Air America, web cam

May 2004
Blogger, shaving, classic pin-ups

June 2004
death of a patriot

July 2004
4th of July

August 2004
depression, subcultures, jelly beans, lottery

September 2004

October 2004
Zell Miller, evilness, debate, pie throwing

November 2004
election celebration, Ashcroft, young girl

December 2004
War on Christmas, proper dental care

January 2005

February 2005
Valentine's Day

March 2005
anti-vampire propaganda

April 2005
picture of Ann, 1956

May 2005
what the hell

June 2005
Truman, Mrs. Bennet,"new McCarthyism"

July 2005
The French, out of blood, Supreme Court nomination

September 2005
politics test

October 2005
Tom DeLay, George Looney

December 2005
War on Christmas

January 2006
Time, chastity neckbraces, blogosphere update

February 2006
drunken ramblings, Abramoff, newsworthiness

March 2006
Good Luck, and Goodnight Moon, Google, blogosphere update

April 2006
DeLay resignation, Librano High, terrorism in the blogosphere

May 2006
Steven Colbert, blogosphere update, terrorist surveillance program

June 2006
Tonight Show, Islamonazis, media treason

August 2006
Lieberman primary, blog gloves, swimmingly

September 2006
blogosphere vs. MSM, 9/11 stories, YouTube, ABC miniseries, Lincoln Chaffee, plastic wrap, "macaca," Geneva Convention, Mark Foley

October 2006
Fox News, North Korea, Bill O'Reilly

November 2006
The U.S. Military, Robert Scoble, George Allen, Orson Scott Card

December 2006
civil war, Blogger Beta, C-SPAN, Google

January 2007
blog definition, Nancy Pelosi

February 2007
Barack Obama, McCarthy movie, 24

March 2007
gaydar, John McCain, Firefox

April 2007
Official Blacklist, Scoble 2.0, blogosphere update

May 2007
Michelle Malkin, Iraq Memorial, Newsweek

June 2007
nailed coffin, Tom Tancredo, Yahoo!, cold in castle, rational debate, misinterpreted jokes, democratic nominee

July 2007
Scooter Libby, DC Madam, TV appearance, O'Reilly vs. Kos

August 2007
Joe Lieberman, spam, bloggers' union, Sergio Aragones, Mitt Romney, visitors, Reagan autograph, Larry Craig

September 2007
General Betray Us, Dan Rather vs. CBS

October 2007

November 2007
reading level, Thanksgiving, Black Friday




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