Monday, January 30, 2006


kos thinks the nrcc is crying powerline notes that 4 democrats have voted to confirm alito wonkette is still talking about harriet miers michelle malkin is all "lmao ted kennedy" atrios is going to "waddle on the treadmill for a bit" andrew sullivan posted some quote from mohammed somebody instapundit points out a mistake in the economist ariana huffington thinks its time for tim russert to do oprah drudge reports that dean spent all the democrats monies cory doctorow is harping on about anti-copying malware again

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Did you know they don't make fang dentures?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

So Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC's "Hardball", equates bin Laden with Michael Moore-types. As you'd expect, the moonbats are up in arms. But where was the self-righeous indignation when that two-bit TV doctor made a cruel and slanderous attack on patriot Jack Abramoff? Hypocrisy at its worst, folks.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm getting real tired of that chastity neck brace trend that's going around.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Now, I don't really read a lot of the American newsmagazines these days, being holed up in this castle and all. Lucky you, you're probably saying, you don't have to put up with the incredibly liberal bias that has pervaded the "MSM" (MainStream Media for you unfamiliar with blingo [blog lingo]) and ruled it with an ivory-towered-fist. I must confess, it is nice. But sometimes curiosity makes fools of us all, I suppose, and so every once in a while I make an effort to obtain a few choice newsmagazines, maybe a newspaper or two for the sports pages, no coffee though.

Sometimes I fantasize about assigning these periodicals as Exhibits A through G for when we blogospherians finally put the MSM on trial for its shameful negligence over the past 70 years or so. Ah, what a glorious day that will be.

Anyway, point of order, I read the latest issue of Time, the Jan 9th one. Didn't buy it, just read it, trying to be frugal. I figure, hey, same delusional rantings puked out by a team of deranged moonbats, right? Whole big cover story about that negro commie-lover MLK, about six or so pages, same old "isn't he great?" claptrap. I think to myself, yup I've totally entered into Moonbat Country. Well guess what, dear readers? I flip back a couple pages, to the article about the president and the whole wiretapping business (which is totally legal, by the way, despite what some scrawny pencil-necked disgruntled bureaucrat will tell you) . To my pleasant surprise, Time seems to be doing some actual reporting these days, and not just idly cribbing off of the manifesto of the Michael Moore wing of the Democrat Party like the rest of their peers.

Take for example, this line: "But the revelation that his Administration has been spying in this country without warrants--illegally, critics say". Critics say. Finally, a news outlet that doesn't take a hardline approach to whether something is "legal" or not! Looks like Time has been learning from Fox's "we report, you decide" journalistic philosophy - and it's about time, I say.

Then there's a two-page opinion piece arguing whether or not the wiretaps are good for America (short answer: yes), with one left-wing commie writing on one page and one bloke from the right on the other. As a side note, I like how every political issue only has two possible sides, a liberal position and a conservative side. Really simplifies things down a bit, you know? Anyway, didn't bother reading the left-winger's ramblings - pure garbage, don't want to waste my time - did read the part by the conservative bloke. Really liked it. The right, as always, has it totally right (pun fully intended). Basically, he said we need the wiretaps in order to defend America from the terrorists. There haven't been any attacks since 9/11, which is obvious proof that the wiretaps must be working. Our leaders need every power possible in order to protect America from its enemies. As I've always said, a good government always knows what's best for its citizenry. Then the guy closes his opinion piece with the fact that "64% of Americans, a free and very sensible people, support eavesdropping on calls between suspected terrorists abroad and people in the U.S" (the other 32% must be residents of the aforementioned Moonbat Country). Now, there is no greater evidence than statistics showing what people think to prove a point. Nobody wants to be part of the minority. And obviously, all the people in the poll know what's best in America. 64% of the population can't be wrong.

So, hats off to Time, for a spectacular article. When the blogger revolution comes, you will be one of the last against the wall.

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