Sunday, October 24, 2004

republichick69: it' ann again
republichick69: some liberals tried to throw pies at me the other day :-(
vampirejmccarthy: lol
republichick69: shut up
republichick69: its not funny ok
republichick69: >:-(
vampirejmccarthy: did they hit you
republichick69: no
republichick69: they missed
vampirejmccarthy: maybe because you are so skinny lol
republichick69: >:o
republichick69: you can be a real jerk sometimes joe
vampirejmccarthy: i know.
republichick69: that;s why i love you
republichick69: <3
republichick69: joe
republichick69: are you there

Friday, October 15, 2004

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

republichick69: hey joe its ann :)
republichick69: hello?
republichick69: joey r u there
republichick69: :(
vampirejmccarthy: how did you get this s/n
republichick69: never u mind ;)
republichick69: n-e-wayz
republichick69: whatcha doint?
republichick69: *doin
vampirejmccarthy: just browsing the internet
republichick69: o kewl :)
republichick69: n-e-thing intersting?
vampirejmccarthy: not really
republichick69: oic
republichick69: catch the debate?
vampirejmccarthy: no
republichick69: awwwww :(
republichick69: u should have seen it it was lol
vampirejmccarthy: im sure it was.
republichick69: jon edwards is so dumebn
republichick69: *dumb
republichick69: hey did u get those flowers i sent u
republichick69: hello
republichick69: joey?
republichick69: jpey r u there
republichick69: i know youre there joe

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

How evil are you?

Monday, October 04, 2004

Alright, so couple of months ago this guy called Zell Miller calls me. I ask, "how did you get this number?" and he goes "never you mind". Then he tells me his spiel, and he says to me he's writing this speech that's going to give at this Republican convention in New York (or, should I say, Jew York).

Now, I'm not totally out of it. I read the news every now and then. I go, "Ain't you one of them Democrats?" and He goes "yeah, but hardly". I go "Why did you call me?" (not that I was complaining or anything, it was the first phone call I'd gotten in more than a year) and he blathers on about how he needs my advice and I say, "well, ok".

"See, the trick is to demonize your enemy. Accuse them of being traitors. You know, consorting with the enemy. Question their patriotism. Say they've betrayed their country. Make sure you got a loud voice, too. That's important."

He goes, "gee thanks, man. I owe you one." I say, "no problem".

One month later and he gets all the credit.

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