Friday, August 25, 2006

republichick69: ....
VampireJMcCarthy: hey ann
VampireJMcCarthy: how did your book tour go?
republichick69: not now joe
VampireJMcCarthy: ?
republichick69: god im so fckuing tired of hearing about osama binlauden
republichick69: dont ppl realize hes ireelevant at this point
republichick69: things are going SIMMINGLY in afganistan
VampireJMcCarthy: well i suppose
republichick69: *swimmingly
republichick69: dont fucking condescend to me joe
republichick69: b-sides its all clintons fault anyway
VampireJMcCarthy: yeah but
republichick69: what the fuck did i just say joe?!?!?!
VampireJMcCarthy: dont be like that ann
republichick69: fuck you
republichick69 signed off at 9:43:51 PM.

current mood: discontent

current music: bob dylan - things have changed

ann, afghanistan, clinton

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I do whatever the gloves tell me to do

Friday, August 11, 2006

I've just been informed that Connecticut Defeatocrats have ousted Joe Lieberman from their primary. Which is a shame, because even though he was the chairman of the committee that released transcripts of my hearings, I think Joe is a great guy. I just can't seem to understand why some Democrats wouldn't want to vote for a Republican.

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