Saturday, February 05, 2005

republichick69: hi joey
VampireJMcCarthy: not now ann, i'm busy
republichick69: okay
republichick69: ill wait
republichick69: you know, valenitnes day is coming up
republichick69: just thought id mention that... ;)
republichick69: r u doing anything that day?
republichick69: matybe i could go down and vist u
republichick69: we could discuss the new book im workin on :)
VampireJMcCarthy: ok im back
VampireJMcCarthy: thats a monday right
republichick69: ya
VampireJMcCarthy: my schedule is all filled up that day, sorry
republichickL with what?
VampireJMcCarthy: ...stuff

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